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341 Meetings:


Trustee: Rigby, James
Chapter 7
341 Hearing Date & Time: 05/01/2014 10:00 AM
US Courthouse
Room 4107
Seattle , WA

Case Number Name Attorney

12-21312-TWD Lincoln Lewis Leavell Lisa S Tse
Lincoln Lewis Leavell Jonathan S Smith
Lincoln Lewis Leavell Ritz Emi Torres
14-10005-TWD Miguel Angel Gaspar Thomas A. McAvity
Maria Rosario Gaspar
Miguel Angel Gaspar Mark Ditton
Maria Rosario Gaspar
14-10220-MLB Barbara Ray Penoyar Ramos Matthew D. O'Conner
14-12231-MLB Tatyana Cain Robert A. Garrison
14-12238-MLB Domiris Siguenza Kenneth E Rossback
14-12243-MLB Christopher S Kelley Rochelle Shuffield
14-12257-TWD Billy Vy Johnson Brett L Wittner
14-12259-TWD Ronald Timothy Mitchell Kevin J Magorien
14-12261-TWD Frank E Laxton Ellen Ann Brown
14-12262-TWD Shelley Maureen Doran Ellen Ann Brown
14-12263-TWD Shemekia S Little Gregory J Jalbert
14-12264-TWD Britannie M Winter Tom S Hyde
14-12266-TWD Brian Alexander Zaetz Nesbit Tom S Hyde
14-12267-TWD Tavia M Bohlmann Tom S Hyde
14-12269-TWD Carol D Dillon Tom S Hyde
14-12271-TWD Cherie D George Tom S Hyde
14-12277-TWD Jason Dwayne Pool R Kevin Hogan
Vichitra Kladpetch Pool
Total: 17

341 Hearing Date & Time: 05/01/2014 11:00 AM

Case Number Name Attorney

13-20745-MLB Patrick Edwin Cameron Emily A Jarvis
Patrick Edwin Cameron Jeffrey B Wells
14-12297-TWD Jennifer M Bitson Stephen L Freeborn
14-12300-TWD Thaddeus Oliver Mallory Jordan A Gunn
14-12301-TWD Samantha Michaelah Mackey Jordan A Gunn
14-12305-TWD Rene D Stam Bradley E Gearheard
14-12307-TWD Gina Marie Malanca Raymond V Gessel
14-12308-TWD Tamera L Brown Kevin J Magorien
14-12311-TWD Robert E Ollom Bradley E Gearheard
14-12323-TWD Kristina Victorovna Woodard Rochelle Shuffield
14-12328-TWD Aron Frank Swanson Randall S Martino
14-12337-TWD Teresa Lee Bedell James H MaGee
14-12338-TWD Uinise Tiona Tupou James H MaGee
14-12339-TWD Randy D Lewis Thomas Brixius
Total: 13

341 Hearing Date & Time: 05/01/2014 01:30 PM

Case Number Name Attorney

08-14652-MLB Ryan Anthony Shuler Thomas Brixius
Heidi Marie Shuler
12-13071-TWD Stephanie M Schwope Thomas P Vest
Keith B Schwope
13-13593-TWD Gary Wayne Alexander J J. Sandlin
Diane Marie Alexander
14-11450-MLB Sonia Edith Sciscente Jordan A Gunn
14-11564-TWD Kate Christine Anderson Pro se
14-12370-TWD Robert Louis Silcox Vickie Vaska Carleton
14-12371-TWD Olga Andreyevna Neslund Mona Lisa C Gacutan
14-12373-TWD Virginia Duran Ordona Ann C Manley
14-12377-TWD Jennifer Ann Spencer Dorothy A Bartholomew
Billy Maurice Spencer
14-12378-TWD Vilma Elizabeth Perez Dorothy A Bartholomew
Jorge Perez
14-12379-TWD Jeremiah Nikos Rockas Dorothy A Bartholomew
Na Young Park
14-12380-TWD Pamela Amy Zientek Dorothy A Bartholomew
14-12381-TWD Nicole Lynn Pixlee Dorothy A Bartholomew
14-12382-TWD Remington Logan Kirkpatrick Dorothy A Bartholomew
14-12383-TWD Jonathan Robert Hill Dorothy A Bartholomew
Karon Lee Hill
14-12384-TWD Cheryl Ann Clerf Dorothy A Bartholomew
14-12385-TWD Christy J Schmechel Mona Lisa C Gacutan
Troy W Schmechel
Total: 17

341 Hearing Date & Time: 05/01/2014 02:30 PM

Case Number Name Attorney

13-14297-TWD Renee Elizabeth Blankenship David H Fuller
14-12402-TWD Angelo R Torres Thomas K Atwood
14-12403-TWD Randall R Hacker Thomas K Atwood
14-12406-TWD Monique A Smith Gregory J Jalbert
14-12407-TWD Joshua S Voigt James E. Dickmeyer
14-12410-TWD Nannette Holt Mark Ditton
14-12411-TWD Amanda Kay Whisler Mona Lisa C Gacutan
14-12412-TWD Robert Joseph Ritenour Thomas A. McAvity
Robert Joseph Ritenour Mark Ditton
Ebony Faith Ritenour
Ebony Faith Ritenour Thomas A. McAvity
14-12413-TWD Anthony M Rusich Kathleen Box
14-12414-TWD Erin Marie Dorsey Nathan A Quigley
14-12418-TWD Joanna W Abreu Audrey L Udashen
Joanna W Abreu Kathleen Box
14-12420-MLB Suzanne Elizabeth Miller Ruth A Nelson
14-12421-TWD Cathryn E Farrell Pro se
Ryan P Farrell
Total: 13

341 Hearing Date & Time: 05/01/2014 03:30 PM

Case Number Name Attorney

14-12458-TWD Kathryn Hurst Smith Craig S. Sternberg
William J Smith
14-12460-TWD Nancy Hitchcock Antoinette M. Davis
14-12461-TWD Leighsa A Francis Antoinette M. Davis
14-12463-MLB Oleksandr M Svyryda Boris Petrenko
Alona M Svyryda
14-12467-TWD Erin M O'Hagan Lawrence Lofgren
14-12470-TWD Corwin L Kiddoo Mona Lisa C Gacutan
Deborah D Kiddoo
14-12483-TWD Sondi M Lind Shashi Vijay
14-12488-TWD Paul A Teodorescu Thomas K Atwood
Michelle P Teodorescu
14-12490-TWD Christopher W Merrick Thomas P Vest
14-12491-TWD Mysty K Johns Thomas P Vest
14-12495-TWD Rachel G Fox Donna J Campbell
14-12502-TWD Lucena P Sandifer Bryan Kidder
Percy M Sandifer
Total: 12

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