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341 Meetings:


Trustee: Garrett, Russell
Chapter 7
341 Hearing Date & Time: 04/30/2014 09:00 AM
Vancouver Federal Building
500 West 12th, Second Floor
Vancouver , WA

Case Number Name Attorney

13-40165-BDL Barbara Marie Tressler William Jeffrey Davis
Michael W Tressler
14-41559-BDL Misty Dawn Gower Thomas A. McAvity
Misty Dawn Gower Mark Ditton
14-41560-BDL Kevin Gene Pope Mark Ditton
Kevin Gene Pope Thomas A. McAvity
14-41561-BDL Alla V Tasmaly Stanley F Horak
14-41563-PBS Kimberly Dee Perry Kevin D. Swartz
14-41566-BDL Alicia Michele Perry Ryan P Hackett
14-41568-PBS Darci Ann Trimmer Steven R. Lenzkes
14-41569-PBS William Robert Hockenbury Stanley F Horak
14-41572-BDL Kori K Camp Mark A Carter
14-41573-BDL Hershey Valles Yolangco Robert C. Russell
14-41576-PBS Laura Elizabeth Holzbach C. Thomas Boardman
14-41577-PBS Tyler Jay Vanderveer David W Evans
Talvi Irene Vanderveer
14-41578-PBS Kevin Dale Landrum Todd Trierweiler
Total: 13

341 Hearing Date & Time: 04/30/2014 10:00 AM

Case Number Name Attorney

14-41580-BDL Clay Allan Bringman Todd Trierweiler
14-41582-BDL Jubilee Belle Hamilton Steven R. Lenzkes
14-41594-BDL Justin B Sargent Mark A Carter
14-41598-BDL Thomas Edward Cassel Stanley F Horak
14-41599-BDL D'Ann Michelle Hauzenberger Richard S Ross
14-41602-BDL Crystal Faye Sherman Steven R. Lenzkes
Scott Andrew Sherman
14-41608-PBS Dennis Randell Boyd Steven M Sowards
Anne Elizabeth Boyd
14-41631-BDL Alexander J. Lachney John J Lutgens
14-41643-PBS Brandy R. Suhama Ellen Ann Brown
Shane K. Suhama
14-41644-BDL Cassidy J. Schmidt Ellen Ann Brown
Lisa M. Merrill
14-41647-BDL William Robert Mitchell Todd Trierweiler
Sandra Kay Mitchell
14-41666-BDL Brandie Kaye Johnson Mark A Carter
Total: 12

341 Hearing Date & Time: 04/30/2014 11:00 AM

Case Number Name Attorney

13-43175-PBS Donald Lawrence Carr Matthew JP Johnson
Cathryn Barbara Carr Richard S Ross
Donald Lawrence Carr
Cathryn Barbara Carr Matthew JP Johnson
14-41297-PBS Melissa Dawn Lewis Ryan P Hackett
14-41682-BDL Vera May Ramos Llorente Scott M Hutchinson
Michael Salvante Llorente
14-41699-PBS Deborah G. Bryant Kirsten Baxter
14-41708-PBS Lindsay Nicole Baker Todd Trierweiler
14-41712-BDL Jay L Snell John J Lutgens
14-41718-BDL Vladimir V Baranets David W Richardson
Lidiya Baranets
14-41720-BDL Vanessa Ruth Candelaria Daniel T. Garner
14-41741-PBS Robert James Cooper Daniel T. Garner
Jacie Janice Cooper
14-41832-BDL Austin Van Lete Ulman Robert C. Russell
Alisa Kathryn Ulman
14-41833-BDL Catherine Elizabeth Buck Ryan P Hackett
14-41835-PBS Lynndie Marie Wilhelm Kirsten Baxter
14-41836-PBS Joseph Albert Kinder Daniel T. Garner
Karianna Kinder
14-41837-BDL Anthony Thor Oliver Rasmussen Steven R. Lenzkes
Ashley Nicole Rasmussen
Total: 14

341 Hearing Date & Time: 04/30/2014 01:00 PM

Case Number Name Attorney

14-41886-BDL Janine Louise Devincenzi Robert C. Russell
14-41887-BDL Ruben Dwight Bagby Robert C. Russell
14-41890-PBS Andrea Welch Mortensen Don Thacker
William Brad Mortensen
14-41891-PBS Sherryl Lynn Edgecomb Chris A Sternagel
Danny Lee Edgecomb
14-41904-PBS Donald T Rychart Pro se
Heather Eleene Maxwell-Rychart
14-41905-PBS Kenneth Zane Jennings Pro se
Tracey Denise Jennings
14-41906-BDL David Russell Rowden David W Evans
Jennifer Faye Rowden
14-41917-PBS Colby Allen Lauer Todd Trierweiler
14-41918-PBS Justin Donovan Costner Kevin D. Swartz
Heather Lee Costner
14-41922-PBS James Warren Landon Kevin D. Swartz
Angela Jay Landon
14-41923-BDL Melynda Ann King Richard S Ross
Richard Clyde Edgar King
Total: 11

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