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341 Meetings:


Trustee: Garrett, Russell
Chapter 7
341 Hearing Date & Time: 10/07/2015 09:00 AM
Vancouver Federal Building
500 West 12th, Second Floor
Vancouver , WA

Case Number Name Attorney

11-45524-BDL Jason Gary Rinehart Mark A Carter
Heather Ann Rinehart
15-44059-PBS Mikell Gene Perkins Thomas A. McAvity
Jolene Marie Perkins
15-44060-PBS Michael Ray Kelly David W Evans
15-44061-BDL Jessica L Nikolas Pro se
15-44062-PBS Paul Anthony Doane Kevin D. Swartz
Anne Marie Doane
15-44064-PBS Earl James Misner David W Evans
Shana Marie Misner
15-44069-PBS Steven Thomas Jones Kevin D. Swartz
15-44084-BDL Savanah Michelle Anne Murphy Chris A Sternagel
15-44087-PBS Caiden John Heeter Thomas A. McAvity
15-44098-PBS Sara A. Peeler Ellen Ann Brown
15-44105-BDL Jackie Lea Walseth Chris A Sternagel
15-44114-BDL Kaleina Melanie Adams Richard S Ross
15-44124-BDL Harry M Houpis Erin B. McAleer
Total: 13

341 Hearing Date & Time: 10/07/2015 10:00 AM

Case Number Name Attorney

15-40769-PBS Micheal Patrick Jones Thomas A. McAvity
15-44125-BDL Skylynn M. Witherspoon Susan H. Seelye
15-44126-BDL Susan L. West Susan H. Seelye
15-44133-PBS Joanne E McGarry Thomas A. McAvity
15-44135-BDL Paul Roger Gregg David W Evans
15-44138-BDL James Allen Caruthers Todd Trierweiler
Rebecca Louise Caruthers
15-44140-BDL John Thomas Mavros Crystal M Lewis
15-44150-BDL Steven W. Downing Ellen Ann Brown
Steven W. Downing Susan H. Seelye
15-44151-BDL Steven Kai Sitomnium Bianca K Tse
15-44200-PBS Amber Kjos Givens Michael B Reid
15-44207-BDL Stephanie Sue Brown Ryan P Hackett
15-44215-BDL Jennifer Nicole Brown Ryan P Hackett
Total: 12

341 Hearing Date & Time: 10/28/2015 09:00 AM

Case Number Name Attorney

15-44343-BDL Luz M Carrillo Aguayo Pro se
Alfredo Suarez
15-44351-PBS Efren Bacomo Brian A Walker
Fe E. Bacomo
15-44352-PBS Susana Tuafale Mark A Carter
15-44356-BDL Russell E Camp Robert C. Brungardt
Theresa M Camp
15-44357-BDL Tracy L Fields Robert C. Brungardt
15-44358-BDL Shirley C Heflin Robert C. Brungardt
15-44359-BDL Linda F Manning Robert C. Brungardt
15-44360-PBS Elesa Kathryn Weber Mark A Carter
Donovan James Weber
15-44368-PBS Darack Thao Mark A Carter
15-44374-PBS Nicholas Adam Reeder Mark A Carter
15-44377-PBS Steve Welton Mark A Carter
15-44383-PBS Andrew D Simmons Ryan P Hackett
Total: 12

341 Hearing Date & Time: 10/28/2015 10:00 AM

Case Number Name Attorney

15-44384-BDL Lacee M Roth Ryan P Hackett
15-44428-BDL Bradley Dale Dikeman Robert M Gregg
15-44430-BDL Dustyn Ray Fuller Thomas A. McAvity
Debbie Irene Fuller
15-44431-BDL Ricky Steven Hampton Thomas A. McAvity
15-44432-PBS Olga V. Orlovskaya Mark A Carter
15-44435-BDL Alexander Nicholi Esrael Vanesa Pancic
Angellea Michelle Esrael
15-44442-PBS Jeffrey Allen Krieger Mark A Carter
Michelle Marie Krieger
15-44452-PBS Shirley E. Galloway Susan H. Seelye
Cory R. Galloway
15-44453-PBS Amanda S. Hoover Susan H. Seelye
15-44469-PBS Amanda E McConville Robert C. Russell
Gregory S McConville
15-44498-BDL John Bennett Charles D Carlson
15-44540-PBS Jared Paul Morgan Pro se
Total: 12

341 Hearing Date & Time: 10/28/2015 11:00 AM

Case Number Name Attorney

15-44599-PBS Vasile I Latu Chad E Schaff
Nataliya K Latu
15-44605-BDL Julian Isaiah Reyes Todd Trierweiler
15-44606-PBS Rafael Joseph Ortiz Robert C. Russell
15-44607-BDL Erich C Scott Charles D Carlson
15-44610-PBS Rhonda Naomi Nelson Stanley F Horak
15-44611-BDL Rebecca Suzanne Seraphine Lara M Gardner
15-44616-PBS Garry M Collins Ryan P Hackett
Michelle L Collins
15-44617-PBS Elisha Rene Tinnel Ryan P Hackett
15-44618-BDL Kimberly Sue Taylor Stone Sam B Gunn
15-44619-BDL Andrew Jacob Scdoris Kirsten Baxter
Melissa Mary Scdoris
15-44621-BDL Kathaleen Louise Marcle Daniel T. Garner
Total: 11

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