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341 Meetings:


Trustee: Garrett, Russell
Chapter 7
341 Hearing Date & Time: 05/06/2015 09:00 AM
Vancouver Federal Building
500 West 12th, Second Floor
Vancouver , WA

Case Number Name Attorney

14-45031-PBS Adam Brook Krausman Mark A Carter
Krista Dawn Krausman
15-41225-BDL Justin Briscoe Miller Don Thacker
Summer Danel Miller
15-41431-PBS Christian Lee Hill Thomas A. McAvity
15-41432-PBS Gus Lane Deister Lara M Gardner
15-41433-BDL Vicki L Senn Pro se
15-41434-PBS Lynelle Aarhus Garrison Lara M Gardner
15-41436-PBS Sally Marcelene Serna Richard S Ross
15-41440-BDL Nada Harrison Chris A Sternagel
15-41445-BDL Sheree Gertrude Buchanan Mark A Carter
15-41446-PBS Kimberley Ann Duval Thomas A. McAvity
15-41447-BDL Robert William Donovan Richard S Ross
15-41449-BDL Shannon Elizabeth Krug Stanley F Horak
15-41471-PBS Jesse Ellis LaDeane Robert C. Russell
15-41481-PBS Kevin Eugene Earlywine Richard S Ross
Total: 14

341 Hearing Date & Time: 05/06/2015 10:00 AM

Case Number Name Attorney

15-41482-BDL Liesl Marie Teters Ryan P Hackett
15-41484-BDL Tamie Ann McDaniel Ryan P Hackett
Jerry Dale McDaniel
15-41485-PBS Anthony Allan Thew Ryan P Hackett
15-41487-BDL Jamie Suzanne Walko Ryan P Hackett
15-41489-BDL Darlene Maxine Burke Richard S Ross
15-41498-BDL Sylvia Carolyn Mitschke Richard S Ross
15-41500-BDL Damian Gorman Henry Mark A Carter
Ida Kay Henry
15-41502-PBS Terry L Coplin Susan H. Seelye
Melvin D Coplin
15-41503-BDL Anna R Prewitt Susan H. Seelye
Russell J. Prewitt
15-41508-BDL Robert Walter Patterson Richard S Ross
Georgianna May Patterson
15-41512-BDL Jason H Cloke Donald A Esau
15-41513-BDL Marci Ann Cloke Donald A Esau
Total: 12

341 Hearing Date & Time: 05/06/2015 11:00 AM

Case Number Name Attorney

15-41544-PBS Dalyn Christopher Leighty Richard S Ross
15-41548-PBS Charles Aric Tautfest Timothy J Dack
15-41566-BDL Erin Lucretia Eaton Robert C. Russell
15-41568-PBS Timothy Lee Hopkin Robert C. Russell
15-41569-PBS McKenzie Russell Oviatt Randall L Stewart
15-41591-PBS Danielle Marie Chubb REX K DAINES
Danielle Marie Chubb Kevin D. Swartz
Total: 6

341 Hearing Date & Time: 05/06/2015 12:00 PM

Case Number Name Attorney

15-40692-BDL Eric A Nathan Kevin R Vibbert
15-40901-PBS Stuart Dale McMullen Richard S Ross
15-40949-BDL Heatherly Kendra Hite Pro se
15-40954-BDL Danny George Wells Robert C. Russell
Tanna Lee Maria Wells
15-40960-PBS Allison Marie Gain Alfred A Bennett
15-40961-BDL Kimberly Ann Zwirlein Mark A Carter
15-40979-PBS Murad Lutfi Mousa Robert C. Russell
15-40987-PBS Jeffery Daniel Hill J. Marvin Benson
Felicia Ann Hill
15-41000-BDL Martinque M Johnson Pro se
Total: 9

341 Hearing Date & Time: 05/20/2015 09:00 AM

Case Number Name Attorney

15-41691-BDL Wendy Lynn Onermaa Thomas A. McAvity
15-41692-PBS Leonce Joseph LaRouche Thomas A. McAvity
Stacey Dee LaRouche
15-41697-BDL Richard Todd Marston Pro se
15-41700-BDL Debra Lea Butchard Mark A Carter
15-41703-BDL Angela Jean Martin Don Thacker
Clifford Joseph Martin
15-41710-PBS Orval Oscar Goodwin Mark A Carter
Glenna B Goodwin
15-41717-PBS Maggie E Huston Mark A Carter
15-41719-BDL Hannah Noelle Cripe Mark A Carter
15-41721-BDL Stacy Lea Woolsey Susanne Ruiz Rodriguez
15-41723-BDL Kamie Biehl Robert C. Russell
15-41724-PBS Jose Luis Cortez Kirsten Baxter
15-41725-PBS Misty Rose Rich Chris A Sternagel
Total: 12

341 Hearing Date & Time: 05/20/2015 10:00 AM

Case Number Name Attorney

15-41755-PBS Katie Yvonne Beaudoinbates Steven R. Lenzkes
Jonathon William Beaudoinbates
15-41756-BDL Darin L Bodine Robert C. Brungardt
Marianne K Bodine
15-41757-BDL Cynthia A Fleming Robert C. Brungardt
George E Fleming
15-41758-BDL Katherine L Jackson Robert C. Brungardt
15-41759-BDL Jonathan D May Robert C. Brungardt
15-41760-PBS Laura A Stoehr Robert C. Brungardt
Michael R Stoehr
15-41762-PBS Shannon Lee Creech Brian D Turner
Barry Jay Creech
15-41763-BDL Raymond Earnest Bunch Brian D Turner
15-41764-PBS Alexandra Jacquelin Nettinger Thomas A. McAvity
Jesse Eli Nettinger
15-41765-PBS Crescent Diane Kovach Thomas A. McAvity
15-41766-PBS Heather Marie Johnson Mark A Carter
Andrew Brian King
15-41768-BDL Joseph M. Dyer Todd Trierweiler
Total: 12

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