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341 Meetings:


Trustee: Garrett, Russell
Chapter 7
341 Hearing Date & Time: 08/13/2014 09:00 AM
Vancouver Federal Building
500 West 12th, Second Floor
Vancouver , WA

Case Number Name Attorney

14-43710-BDL Cynthia Marie Smith Pro se
14-43721-PBS Jennifer Lee Denney Lara M Gardner
14-43727-BDL Patrick Douglas Fields Susan H. Seelye
Laura A. Fields
14-43728-PBS Elijah H. Wagoner Susan H. Seelye
Andrea L. Wagoner
14-43734-PBS Aleksandr S Dobrukhin Chad E Schaff
14-43736-PBS Marvin Jennings Charles D Carlson
Alethea Jennings
14-43742-PBS Marjorie L Dunn Carolyn R Smale
14-43743-BDL Marina L Francis Carolyn R Smale
14-43744-BDL Teri Ann McCoy Robert C. Russell
14-43749-BDL Andrew Nels Paulson Robert C. Russell
14-43750-BDL David Velmer Austin Richard S Ross
Gera Lin Austin
14-43753-BDL Anna Shklyar David W Richardson
Total: 12

341 Hearing Date & Time: 08/13/2014 10:00 AM

Case Number Name Attorney

14-43756-BDL Jamie Lee Anderson Todd Trierweiler
14-43760-BDL Terrence Jay Wheeler Chris A Sternagel
14-43776-BDL Sherry Gale Clark Chad E Schaff
14-43783-BDL Brian Jon Eslick Chris A Sternagel
14-43785-BDL Audrey Sue Hyde Ashley A Lauber
14-43787-PBS Sarah Marie Price Robert C. Russell
Patrick Vincent Price
14-43790-BDL Courtney Elizabeth Ruby Robert C. Russell
Joshua Dean Ruby
14-43798-BDL Angela Anne Atchley Kirsten Baxter
14-43800-PBS Sarah Elizabeth Homola Robert C. Russell
14-43803-PBS Mark Lynn Rogers Robert C. Russell
14-43810-PBS Kathleen Corrine Wentz Donald A Esau
14-43816-PBS Patrick Shaun Morris Robert C. Russell
Total: 12

341 Hearing Date & Time: 08/13/2014 11:00 AM

Case Number Name Attorney

14-43897-BDL Olga Grigoryevna Pasko Vanesa Pancic
14-43901-PBS Tina Ann-Marie Eddy Mark A Carter
Duane Robert Eddy
14-43912-BDL Nona Faye Mankins Kevin R Vibbert
14-43913-BDL Mary L Bender Kevin R Vibbert
14-43914-BDL Crystal Lynn Bahr Kevin R Vibbert
14-43915-PBS Sandy M Simila Kevin R Vibbert
Reino L Simila
14-43916-BDL Stacy Nicole Keller Kevin R Vibbert
14-43921-PBS Marilyn J Doyle Donald A Esau
14-43924-PBS Curtis Orrin Raugust Robert C. Russell
14-43940-BDL Jacob Allan Lathim Todd Trierweiler
14-43941-BDL Joyce F. Gentry Susan H. Seelye
14-43942-PBS Mathew Ryan English Susan H. Seelye
Jennifer Danielle English
Total: 12

341 Hearing Date & Time: 08/13/2014 01:00 PM

Case Number Name Attorney

14-43943-BDL Gregory W. Murray Susan H. Seelye
14-43944-BDL Ace Allen Hackney Susan H. Seelye
14-43945-BDL Shannon R. Applebury Susan H. Seelye
Total: 3

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