Rule No: 

(a) Financing Guidelines. The Guidelines for Cash Collateral and Financing Stipulations (Appendix A to these Local Bankruptcy Rules, as may be modified from time to time and posted on the court’s website) apply to all motions for approval of such stipulations, interim and final, and all motions for approval thereof must contain the certification of counsel required by the Guidelines.

(b) Special Notice to Taxing Agencies. Notice of all motions seeking approval of use of cash collateral or financing orders must be served on the United States Attorney’s Office, Attn: Bankruptcy Assistant, 700 Stewart Street, Room 5220, Seattle, Washington 98101, and the Attorney General for the State of Washington, Bankruptcy and Collections Unit at 800 Fifth Avenue, 20th floor, Seattle, Washington 98104. The notice required by this rule is in addition to any other applicable notice and service requirements.

(c) Scheduling Emergency Hearings. Local Bankruptcy Rule 9013-1(d)(2)(E) applies.

(d) Motion Practice. Local Bankruptcy Rule 9013-1 applies.