Electronic Notification of Opinion Posted

The U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Western District of Washington provides a service for attorneys to receive an electronic notification of the posting of an opinion on the Court's website.  To register for the email notification you must do the following:

    1)   Send an email notification to: ECFHelp_Seattle@wawb.uscourts.gov with the Subject: Register for Electronic Notification of the Posting of Opinions.     Include the Name of Attorney and the Email address(s) to use for these notifications. 

    2)  These  notifications will be handled outside of CM/ECF.   However, they will be mailed by the ecfwebmaster to ensure that they can pass through any spam filtering that may be in place.  The subject line of these notifications will be "Opinion Posted to Court's Website".    A link will be provided to the opinion in the same format as it has  been posted on the Court's website.   There are no fees to view these opinions.   They also are available at www.wawb.uscourts.gov under Calendars/Opinions.

    3)   If any of these electronic notifications of opinions posted bounce back to the court, your email address will be removed immediately from this service.

    4) The court will not resend any of these electronic notifications.