Satisfying Filing Deficiencies

Satisfying Filing Deficiencies

When filing documents to cure a filing deficiency,  it is critical to log into the court’s ECF system, not your bankruptcy preparation software.  The ECF event is Bankruptcy Events>Other>(appropriate event)

1.  Schedules and Statement of Financial Affairs

  • In addition to filing amended schedules or balance of schedules to cure deficiencies, it is the debtor's responsibility to docket a pdf with the additional creditors in a matrix format AND upload the matrix/list of creditors into the Electronic Case Filing system (ECF).   (Bankruptcy Events>Other>Balance of Schedules), (Bankruptcy Events>Creditor Maintenance>Upload List of Creditors File)
  • If matrix/list of creditors were not previously filed, place as last page of the Schedules and remember to upload creditors.
  • Interactive Training Lessons available.

2.  Statement of Monthly Income (Means Test)

  • Chapter 7 Statement of Monthly Income – use event Bankruptcy Events>Other>Chapter 7 Statement of Your Current Monthly Income B122A-1
  • Chapter 7 Means Test Calculation Form B122A-2- completed only by debtor’s whose income is above the applicable state median
  • Chapter 13 Calculation of Your Disposable Income, Form B122C-2 - to be completed by debtors whose income is above the applicable state median. 
  • Chapter 11 Statement of Your Currently Monthly Income- Use event Bankruptcy Events>Other>Chapter 11 Statement of Your Current Monthly Income B122B

3.  Chapter 13 Plan (see LBR 3015-1)

If the plan is filed after the petition, the debtor shall serve copies of the plan to all creditors not less than 14 days prior to the originally scheduled meeting of creditors (section 341 meeting). (Bankruptcy Events>Plan>Chapter 13 Plan)

See the interactive training lessons.

4.  Certificate of Credit Counseling

The Certificate of Credit Counseling can be filed using the event Bankruptcy Events>Other>Certificate of Credit Counseling