Limited Use ECF Account

Some entities may benefit from having an ECF account that provides limited access to certain filing events. However, if the documents you want to file electronically with the Court primarily relate to claims, you do not need to register for a Limited Use ECF account. The following documents can be filed electronically through the court’s website without an ECF account through Claims E-Filing:
  • Proofs of Claims
  • Amended Proofs of Claims
  • Withdrawals of Claims
  • Claim Supplement - Notice of Mortgage Payment Change
  • Claim Supplement - Notice of Postpetition Mortgage Fees, Expenses and Charges
  • Claim Supplement - Response to Notice of Final Cure Payment

If there are claim-related documents you need to file electronically with the court that are not listed above, including a Transfer of Claim, you  may benefit from a limited use ECF account.  You will first need to establish an account with PACER.  The court's registration form for a limited use account is fillable and can be completed online: ECF Limited Use Registration Form.  When the form is completed, print the form.  The individual applying for the limited use account must sign and date the form, then email or mail the completed form to the court: 


On receipt of the registration form, the court will generate a letter with the login and password for the newly established limited use account.  The letter will be emailed to the email address noted on the registration form.