Continuing a 341 Meeting

Continuing a Section 341 Meeting of Creditors (See LBR 2003-1)
A request to reschedule or provide for an alternative appearance at the Section 341 meeting must first be made to the case trustee or the U.S. Trustee.

  • Contact the case trustee (or U.S. Trustee for Chapter 11) for a continued 341 date
  • File a generic notice of change of 341 meeting and mail to all creditors  (Bankruptcy Events>Notices>Generic Notice)
  • The trustee will reschedule the 341 meeting by minute entry on the docket

The U.S. Trustee guidelines and procedures for continuing a 341 meeting or requesting alternative means of appearance can found at (link is external)
If agreement to reschedule or provide an alternative appearance cannot be reached with the U.S.Trustee or case trustee, the debtor may file a motion seeking court approval of the continuance or alternative appearance.