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Notice to Consumer Debtor(s) (B201A)
[last updated: 05/30/2014]

The Administrative Office has revised Director’s Procedural Form B201, Notice to Consumer Debtor(s) under Section 342(b) of the Bankruptcy Code, to include warnings about the December 1, 2009, amendments to the Bankruptcy Rules which change a number of filing deadlines.

In addition, Form B201 has been divided into two parts, Form B201A, which is used to give the § 342(b) notice, and Form B201B, which includes a caption for filing and certifications that the notice has been given. Form B201B is needed only if the certification is not made on Official Form B1, the Voluntary Petition. A certification by the debtor’s attorney is included in Exhibit B on page 2 of Form B1 and certifications by the debtor and a bankruptcy petition preparer are part of the Declarations on page 3.


    Notice to Consumer Debtor (B201A).pdf
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