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Changes to Form of Writ of Garnishment
[last updated: 03/04/2013]

Garnishment is a Washington state post-judgment procedures that is available in a bankruptcy proceeding. However, the bankruptcy court is finding that practitioners are submitting the state law mandated form of writ without making changes to reflect that the writ is now being requested in a bankruptcy case. Accordingly, effective April 1, 2013, a proposed Writ of Garnishment submitted to the bankruptcy court shall conform to the following guidelines. Writ forms must comply with the following formatting requirements:
  • The caption should read “United States Bankruptcy Court, Western District of Washington” (not State of Washington).
  • The Writ should be directed to the bankruptcy court, not the State of Washington.
  • Remove references to a judicial witness of the Writ.
  • Remove reference to an attorney issuing the Writ.
A sample of a Writ of Garnishment form as modified for bankruptcy court from the Washington state form is attached.

As of April 1, 2013, a Writ of Garnishment submitted to the bankruptcy court that does not conform to the above guidelines will be returned to the filer without issuance along with the Application for Writ of Garnishment.

The court anticipates that the Writ of Garnishment process will become electronic in the near future. This process will include a new event for docketing the proposed Writ. Until the process becomes electronic, continue to submit the Application for Writ of Garnishment and the proposed Writ of Garnishment documents in accordance with the guidelines above in paper form. Watch the court’s website for future information.


    Garnishment form sample.pdf
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