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General Order 2013-3 Requires New Notice in Adversary Proceedings Effective May 1, 2013.
[last updated: 04/12/2013]

Court has adopted General Order 2013-3 which adopts two new local bankruptcy rules, 7012-1 and 9015-1, and amends current rule 5011-1. The new rules are adopted to address the issue in all adversary proceedings as to whether the bankruptcy court has the authority to issue final orders and judgments. Rule 7012-1, which is completely new, and Rule 9015-1, which is being amended, were previously published for comment on the court's website. Amendments to Rule 5011-1 are were not published for comment and therefore are not officially included in the local rules.

Rule 7012-1 requires that a new notice, Notice Regarding Final Adjudication and Consent, be filed in every adversary proceeding. This Notice must include the information required by the rule: (1) whether the matter is core or non-core; if core, (2) whether the matter requires consent by the parties to entry of final orders or judgments by the bankruptcy judge; and, (3) if consent is necessary, whether the party consents. There is no official form for the Notice. Failure to timely file the Notice Regarding Final Adjudication and Consent is deemed consent to the entry of final orders or judgments by the bankruptcy judge. A new docket event has been created in ECF for the Notice and can be found at Adversary Events>Notices>Notice Regarding Final Adjudication and Consent.
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