Rule No: 


At least 3 days prior to the confirmation hearing, the plan proponent shall file a written summary of the ballots cast, and shall serve a copy of the summary on any party that has filed an objection pursuant to Local Bankruptcy Rule 3020-1. The summary shall include the following information for each class of creditors in the plan proponent’s plan:                                                                            

          (a)          the name of each creditor, whether said creditor has accepted or rejected the plan, the dollar amount of the creditor’s claim, and whether the debtor has objected to the claim;

          (b)          the total dollar amount and number of all allowed claims voted;

          (c)          the percentage dollar amount of acceptances; and

          (d)          the percentage number of acceptances.      

The original ballots shall not be filed with the court, but shall be retained by the attorney for the plan proponent for a period of not less than 5 years.  Upon request, the original ballots must be provided to other parties or the court for review.