Rule No: 


(a)          Motions to Reopen.  A motion to reopen a case shall state the purpose for reopening the case, whether assets were administered in the case, whether a deadline was established for filing proofs of claim, and whether a trustee needs to be appointed.  Except as provided for in subsection (b), the motion shall be noted for hearing in accordance with Local Bankruptcy Rule 9013-1, with notice to the case trustee and any affected parties. 

(b)          Trustee’s and Debtor’s Motions to Reopen.     The United States Trustee or the debtor may bring motions to reopen on an ex parte basis.  An ex parte motion to reopen shall not contain a request for substantive relief other than appointment of a trustee.

(c)          Reopening Fee.  Except as otherwise ordered by the court, any filing fees prescribed by 28 U.S.C. § 1930(b) and the Judicial Conference of the United States are due at the time the motion is filed.

(d)          Reopening by Clerk of Court.  Local Bankruptcy Rule 5003-1(a)(9) applies.

(e)          Reclosing.   Cases reopened for any purpose other than to administer assets may be reclosed by the clerk of court 60 days after reopening unless matters are then pending.