Language & Hearing Assistance

Section 341 Meeting of Creditors

The United States Trustee Program offers a Language Assistance Program, which provides telephonic interpreter services at Section 341 meetings to debtors with limited English proficiency. Debtors wishing to take advantage of this free service are encouraged to contact the trustee assigned to their case in advance of the Section 341 meeting to minimize disruption of the meeting calendar.

Debtors who are in need of a sign language interpreter or an assistive listening device at their section 341 meeting should contact the Office of the U.S. Trustee at 206-553-2000 to make arrangements.

Court Proceedings (other than the 341 meeting)

The bankruptcy court will pay for a language interpreter only if the United States initiates the court proceeding. In all other cases, a party needing a language interpreter is responsible for obtaining an interpreter and for payment of the interpreter's fees and expenses.

An exception is when a party, witness, or other participant in a judicial proceeding requires a sign language interpreter or other auxiliary aids or services. In that instance, the bankruptcy court will provide and pay for a sign language interpreter or provide an auxiliary aid or service, or an assistive listening device to a person who is deaf, hearing impaired or has other communications disabilities whether or not the proceeding is initiated by the United States.

For more information please contact the Clerk's Office in Seattle at 206-370-5200 and in Tacoma at 253-882-3900.