Credit Counseling Requirement

The Bankruptcy Code ordinarily requires that individual debtors who file for bankruptcy relief complete a course in credit counseling from a US Trustee approved agency within 180 days before the bankruptcy filing. If spouses file a joint bankruptcy case, both spouses must take the class and obtain separate certificates of completion.

Different agencies provide the counseling in-person, by telephone, or over the internet. The counseling agencies charge a small fee for their services which may be waived on a case-by-case basis; consult with the counselor about the availability of a waiver.

Once completed, the agency that provides the credit counseling service will provide a certificate for filing with the Clerk’s Office. 

A list of approved credit counseling agencies is available in the Clerk’s Office or online at Approved Credit Counseling Agencies (Judicial District is WAW).

If you are incapacitated or disabled (as defined by the Bankruptcy Code), or are on active military duty in a military combat zone, the requirement for credit counseling can be waived.

Here is the form Motion for Waiver of Credit Counseling.