Appearing, Withdrawing, Changing Address

Attorney Withdrawal and Substitution (See Local Bankruptcy Rule 2089-1)

The procedures for the withdrawal and substitution of counsel include the following requirements:

  • A notice of withdrawal and substitution must be signed by both the withdrawing attorney and the substituting attorney;
  • A withdrawal without a substitution of counsel requires a court order
    1. the order can be sought ex parte if the withdrawal is signed by both the attorney and the client ; or
    2. if both signatures are not obtained, the motion must be noted for hearing

Counsel who need to file 25 or more withdrawal and substitution notices may use a generic case caption (such as "All Pending Cases/All Pending Case Numbers") and must docket the notice to all pending cases.  A list of an attorney's pending cases may be obtained from the clerk by emailing the ECF Helpdesk at

Note: Using the CM/ECF event "Request for No Future Electronic Notice" does not function as a withdrawal of representation.

Address Changes

For ECF filers - ECF filers must update their name, physical address and primary email address through PACER. The secondary email address is updated in ECF via Utilities> Maintain User Account. 

For Other  Entities (creditors, debtors, interested parties) - Those who do not participate in the Court's electronic filing system may submit the Change of Address form in paper to the Clerk's office.