Formatting Requirements & Sample Order

Formatting Requirements

Top 4 Inches for Court Use Only. For all orders, the first page of the order must have a 4 inch top margin that is left blank for court use only.

General Formatting Requirements. Orders shall be in 8-1/2 x 11 inch document format, using a standard embedded font, 11 or 12 point, and shall be double spaced. Each order shall bear     line numbers in the left margins.  

“End of Order” Designation, No Date or Signature Line. The designation “///End of Order///” shall be placed after the final line of text on the order. No date or signature line is to be provided for the judge. The attorney(s) presenting the order shall so indicate in the lower left hand corner of the last page of the order by stating “Presented by” with their name, bar identification number and signature line.

Text: Orders and judgments shall contain at least two lines of text on each page.

Clicking here for a sample order.