Obtain Document Copies

The Court is a mandatory electronic filing jurisdiction and documents and case dockets are stored electronically on the court's computer system (CM/ECF). To obtain copies of these documents, you have the options below. Note: documents filed prior to May 17, 2001 are NOT stored electronically; information about obtaining copies of those documents is here.

1.  Internet (PACER)

Contact the PACER Service Center at www.pacer.gov for registration information about obtaining a PACER account. A PACER fee of $0.10 per page applies. Please note:  PACER restricts all documents in bankruptcy cases that were filed before 12/01/2003 and have been closed for more than one year. While unavailable to the general public via PACER, copies of restricted documents can be obtained via the public terminals in the clerk's office lobby in Seattle and Tacoma or via mail request. See Restricted Access to Certain Documents in PACER.

2. Copy of Discharge Order Only?  A copy of a discharge order can be requested electronically.

3.  Contact the Clerk’s Office

  • Visit the Clerk's Office. If you come to the Bankruptcy Court in person for your copies, the copy fee is $0.10 per page when using the computer in the court’s lobby. A copy fee of $0.50 per page applies if a clerk makes the copies. A certification fee applies for each document that needs a certification. Payment can be made online while at the clerk's office, or by cashier’s check or money order.

  • Contact the Clerk's Office Electronically. You can contact the Clerk's Office from your computer by clicking the red "Chat With Us" button in the bottom right corner of this screen. During business hours, a staff member will be available to assist you with your document request. Alternatively,  the clerk's office can be reached by email at ECFHelp@wawb.uscourts.gov (for Seattle cases) or ECFHelp@wawb.uscourts.gov (for Tacoma cases). 

  • Mail a request to the Clerk’s Office.  If you mail a copy request to the Bankruptcy Court, the copy fee is $0.50 per page. Please contact the Clerk’s office in advance to determine the number of pages. A certification fee applies for each document that needs a certification. 

    • Each written request should include: (a) the debtor's name and case number; (b) the documents requested; (c) your name (if you are not the debtor) and your daytime phone number; and the address where the documents should be mailed.  Include a cashier’s check or money order made payable to “U.S. Bankruptcy Court.” You may mail your copy request to the Bankruptcy Court at either location:

U.S. Bankruptcy Court                       U.S. Bankruptcy Court
700 Stewart Street, #6301                1717 Pacific Avenue, #2100
Seattle, WA  98101                            Tacoma, WA  98402


If the documents you are looking for were filed more than 15 years ago, they may no longer be available. Otherwise, documents filed prior to 5/17/2001 are stored at the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) in Seattle, Washington. Call the Clerk’s office to check on the location of the file. If the case is stored at the National Archives (“archived”), you have the following options:  

1. Review the archived file at the Bankruptcy Court

The Clerk’s office will request the file from NARA and contact you when the file arrives. A retrieval fee applies ($70.00 for first box containing requested record; $43.00 for each additional box), payable with exact change, cashier’s check or money order, to the Bankruptcy Court. There is no search fee to review the retrieved file; however, other fees (such as copy fees or a certification fee) might apply.  

Effective June 1, 2016, for electronic retrievals, $10 plus any charges assessed by the Federal Records Center, National Archives, or other storage location removed from the place of business of the courts.

2. NARA’s website – online request

Begin by requesting that the Clerk’s office provide you with the box, location and accession/transfer numbers for the file. Make your copy request online to NARA by visiting NARA’s website. Account setup is required. NARA’s fees will apply.

3.  Phone NARA

Begin by requesting that the Clerk’s office provide you with the box, location and accession/transfer numbers for the file. Phone NARA at 206-336-5134 with your copy request and charge it to a credit card or debit card. NARA’s fees will apply.  

4. Mail, fax, or email NARA

Begin by visiting NARA’s website and downloading the Bankruptcy Form. Contact the Clerk’s office for the box, location and accession/transfer numbers for the file. Complete the form with the location information, your name, address, and payment information. Mail, fax, or email your copy request to NARA (see page 2 of the Bankruptcy Form). NARA’s fees will apply.  

Further Information

If you need further information about obtaining copies, please contact the Bankruptcy Court at either location:

Seattle (206) 370-5200 or Tacoma (253) 882-3900