Unclaimed Funds

Status of  Unclaimed Funds

Each month a report will be posted below indicating the unclaimed funds recieved and paid out during the previous month.  Six months of reports will be included.  In addition, posted below is a complete list of funds currently being held.

Procedure for Collecting Unclaimed Funds

The following procedure is used to petition the Court for payment of unclaimed funds:

1.  The Court's form of Petition for Payment of Unclaimed Funds (“Petition”) pursuant to 28 U.S.C. § 2042 should be used.  Please read these instructions carefully prior to completing the Petition. Note that the Petition must be notarized.

2.  The Vendor Information/TIN Certification form (below) must be filled out and signed.  Note that the Financial Information section is optional. If the Financial Information section is completed, funds will be deposited electronically via EFT.  Alternatively, a check will be mailed to the address provided.

3.   If the Petition is being filed on behalf of the original creditor and not by the original creditor itself, then the petitioner must include legible documentation that supports its claim to the funds.  Originals of any assignments, Powers of Attorney, or other documents must be provided.  If a Power of Attorney is the basis of the petitioner’s authority, that Power of Attorney must be notarized.

4.   Documentation must be attached to verify all names, addresses and signatures.

      (a)  If the creditor’s name differs from that in the Court records, attach documentation of the history of any name change to demonstrate that the name(s) can be proven to be the original entity.  Name(s) of previous and present owner(s) must be documented. 

      (b)  Copies of certificates of merger, certificates of fictitious name, purchase agreements, stipulation of ownership rights or other documentation are acceptable.

      (c)  The address of the original creditor, as reflected on the Court records (meaning the address the original check was mailed to), must be verified by copies of utility bills, signed tax return, cancelled checks or other documentation.

If the petitioner is an individual, not a corporation, a copy of the petitioner’s current driver’s license and social security card must be attached to the Petition.

     (d) Corporations should attach their corporate seal, if any.

     (e) Petitioner’s name, address and phone number are to be provided.

5.   Documentation which has been altered will not be processed.

6.    Each claim is subject to verification by the Court.  A Petition may reference multiple claims of a single claimant in a case; however, separate petitions are required for each petitioner and for each case.

7.   The original Petition and any documentation should be sent to the Court at the address:

United States Bankruptcy Court

700 Stewart St. #6301

Seattle, WA 98101

A copy of the Petition and all supporting documentation, except the Vendor Information/TIN Certification form, is also to be sent to the U.S. Attorney’s office, as indicated on the Petition.

8.    When the Petition is received by the Court, it may take several weeks to process before a check or EFT transaction is issued through the United States Treasury. Please be patient. If a power of attorney is filed, the check will be mailed to the claimant’s agent. Note that, through the Treasury Offset Program, the check or EFT may be reduced by any amount owing to another federal agency. If a funds locator files the Petition, the check will be issued jointly to the claimant and the funds locator.

Unclaimed Funds Reports:

At the beginning of each month, a report of unclaimed funds received and paid out during the previous month will be added here, as well as a complete list of funds currently being held.

Below are our procedures for claiming unclaimed funds and the required Petition for Unclaimed Funds. Residents of the U.S. must also submit the Vendor Information/TIN Certification form below. Non-U.S. residents must submit either a Form W-8BEN or W-8ECO, as appropriate, which are available from the Internal Revenue Service.

If you have any questions please email or call Brian Futch at (206) 370-5221, or Nathalie Santos at (206) 370-5220

Petition for Payment of Unclaimed Funds Form

Vendor Information Certification