Mediation Program Overview

The Court's Thomas T. Glover Mediation Program provides voluntary mediation services in bankruptcy cases and adversary proceedings (lawsuits in bankruptcy).

Why Consider Mediation?

  • The panel of trained mediators includes lawyers and nonlawyers with a broad range of expertise
  • Mediators are available in all geographical areas, from Bellingham to Vancouver
  • Mediation is available to all parties whether or not represented by an attorney
  • Pro bono mediation, provided for no fee to those unable to pay the mediation fee, may be available
  • Mediation is available in the main bankruptcy case and in adversary proceedings on a variety of issues including chapter 11 plan issues, student loan discharge, preferences, lien validity and real estate issues

Current Panel Mediators

A list of the Program's panel of mediators, complete with biographical information, areas of mediation expertise and geographic availability is available by clicking here.

Program Benefits

There are many benefits to using the Glover Mediation Program. Our trained panel mediators are experienced with mediation and the majority are seasoned bankruptcy practitioners. The mediation rates are established by court rules: each party pays $500 for the first 6 hours of mediation services (including 2 hours of prep work), and hourly for services thereafter at a rate of no more than $450/hour.

Filing a Mediation Certification

Although participation in the Program is voluntary, court rules require that all parties to an adversary proceeding file a Mediation Certification within 28 days after an answer or other response to the complaint is filed.  For electronic filers, the certification may be uploaded in CM/ECF using the event  "Mediation Certification (ADR)".

Executive Committee:

           Bruce Kriegman, Chair                    Term expires December 1, 2021

           Tuella Sykes                                       Term expires December 1, 2021    

           Jesús Miguel Palomares                 Term expires December 1, 2021

           Latife Neu                                            Term expires December 1, 2022

           Thomas Neeleman                           Term expires December 1, 2022


    For information about the program, contact the Program Administrator, Gina Zadra Walton at 206-370-5207