Rule No: 

(a) Case Assignment. All cases shall be assigned by the clerk of court to the respective judges of the court. Assignments shall be made on a random basis, including reassignments where necessitated by the recusal or absence of the assigned judge, except in cases filed under chapter 13 and cases assigned according to geographic locale. Related cases may be assigned to the same judge on motion of a party in interest made in accordance with Local Bankruptcy Rule 9013-1, or at the discretion of the court; provided, however, that a debtor or petitioning creditor may bring such a motion ex parte, if notice of the bankruptcy has not yet been sent to creditors. Adversary proceedings shall be assigned to the judge to whom the case has been administratively assigned.

(b) Case Coverage. If immediate action is necessary in any case or proceeding assigned to a particular judge and that judge is unavailable for any reason, any other judge may hear and dispose of the matter requiring immediate attention, but such action shall not constitute a reassignment of the case or proceeding.