Filing Without an Attorney

The purpose of the Filing Without and Attorney section is to provide the pro se filer, (someone who represents himself or herself without a lawyer), with access to some information about the bankruptcy process and information about local procedures that you must know. Individuals appearing as debtors (including husbands and wives filing jointly), creditors or other interested parties before this court do not have to be represented by an attorney but they are still required to comply with all laws, rules, and procedures. 

An individual may represent him or herself in bankruptcy court without an attorney. But a corporate entity or partnership may not appear in bankruptcy court without an attorney, and if a corporate entity or partnership attempts to file a bankruptcy case without an attorney, the case may be dismissed. A proof of claim may be filed by an individual, corporate entity, or partnership with or without an attorney.

There are many complicated issues that may come up in a bankruptcy case, individuals may wish to hire an attorney who is allowed to practice in this bankruptcy court.

Please be advised that the Clerk's Office is prohibited by 28 U.S.C. Sec. 955 from giving legal advice or assisting with the preparation of forms.