Bringing Issues Before the Court

The process for requesting that a judge take action in a case is to file a motion or other pleading in the case. Such requests for action must be made in the form required by court rules and should clearly describe the relief requested and the reason why the relief is appropriate. See Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure (link is external) and the Local Bankruptcy Rules.

Questions regarding the procedure for filing a motion or request may be directed to the clerk's office. The clerk's office cannot provide legal advice but may give procedural advice as to how to file pleadings.

In order to provide a fair and neutral forum in the court setting, judges are not allowed to discuss cases with attorneys or debtors or other parties in a case unless all the parties to the case are present. Any communication regarding a case should not be made by contacting the judge directly but made either during an official court hearing where all parties are present or by filing a pleading with the clerk of the court. For the same reason, direct communication with judicial law clerks is not appropriate.

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