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The ECF Procedures Manual ("Manual") is intended to provide guidance for filing documents electronically with the Court.
  • This manual may not represent the views of all the judges.
  • The Bankruptcy Clerk or any judge may deviate from the procedures in specific cases if deemed appropriate in the exercise of discretion.
  • The Court may amend the Manual at any time without prior notice.
  • Although filing requirements and references to the Bankruptcy Code, Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure and/or Local Rules may be provided for some topics, this manual should not be relied upon exclusively by the user. The Bankruptcy Code, Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure, and/or Local Rules should be consulted.
  • If you feel that a Bankruptcy Clerk's Office staff member has directed you to follow a procedure that differs from the Manual, confirm that you are following the preferred procedures for the assigned judge.
  • If you identify Manual language that is inaccurate, misleading or outdated, please e-mail

The Court also offers 30 and 60-minute training sessions via Zoom. Contact us for more information at:

If after filing a document you realize that an error has been made, please contact the court at 206-370-5200 or via live Chat on our website.  After hours send email to

ECF Procedures Manual

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Amended Complaint

Amending Schedules, Means Test or Plan

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Correcting Social Security Number

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ECF Users Administrative Guide

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Notice of Removal Case Opening

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Transfer, Withdrawal and Satisfaction of Claim