Local Bankruptcy Rules

The Court has adopted amended Local Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure effective December 1, 2023. The rules are presented in a .pdf format with bookmarks and an interactive table of contents for ease of reference. Also referenced below are the Cash Collateral Guidelines (Appendix A to the Local Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure), a redline comparison, and the revised Administrative Procedures for Electronic Filing.

Local Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure, eff. 12/1/2023

Appendix A:  Guidelines for Cash Collateral and Financing Stipulations

Redline of Local Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure reflecting changes effective Dec. 1, 2023

Electronic Filing Procedures


The Court's October 31, 2023 announcement contains additional information on the amendments to specific local bankruptcy forms.

* NOTE: because of the change in formatting, many hyperlinks to the local rules included on the court's website will be broken. We are working to update those links.