Rule No: 

(a) Time of Filing. All reaffirmation agreements must be filed with the court prior to the date set in the notice of commencement of the case as the deadline for filing complaints to determine dischargeability or to deny discharge.

(b) Form of Agreement, Cover Sheet. The Administrative Office of the United States Courts has issued Director’s Reaffirmation Agreement forms (available on the court’s website) which must be completed for all reaffirmation agreements, and shall be filed with the Reaffirmation Agreement Cover Sheet, Official Form B 27.

(c) Documentation. Copies of any agreements which the debtor has agreed to continue to perform or pay, together with any modifications of those agreements, shall be attached to the reaffirmation agreement together with documentation of any security interest and the perfection of such security interest or a memorandum setting forth why perfection is unnecessary and supporting declaration(s) establishing any required facts. If the reaffirmation is of a debt claimed to be nondischargeable, the creditor shall file a memorandum setting forth the basis for the nondischargeability, together with a declaration(s) establishing a prima facie case.