Rule No: 

(a) Purpose. The court recognizes that formal litigation of disputes in bankruptcy cases and adversary proceedings frequently imposes significant economic burdens on parties and often delays resolution of those disputes. The procedures established by these Local Bankruptcy Rules are intended primarily to provide litigants with the means to resolve their disputes more quickly, at less cost, and often without the stress and pressure of litigation. The court also notes that the volume of cases, contested matters and adversary proceedings filed in the Western District of Washington has placed substantial burdens upon counsel, litigants and the court, all of which contribute to the delay in the resolution of disputed matters. A court authorized mediation program, in which litigants and counsel meet with a Mediator, offers an opportunity to parties to settle legal disputes promptly and less expensively, to their mutual satisfaction.

(b) Scope. Local Bankruptcy Rules 9040-1 through 9050-1 apply to all matters referred to the Program. All of the other Local Bankruptcy Rules apply, except to the extent that they are inconsistent with these Local Bankruptcy Rules 9040-1 through 9050-1.