The information contained in the petition, schedules and statement of financial affairs is submitted under penalty of perjury. It is a debtor’s duty to ensure that information provided is correct when these forms are signed. However, if a debtor filed a form with inaccurate information, the debtor can amend the document.

The following steps must be taken:

  • File with the court the document that contains the amended information (Schedule, Statement, etc.).
  • If applicable, a supplemental mailing list shall be filed with any schedule that contains additions or changes to a previously filed mailing list of creditors.
  • File with the court an Amendment Cover Sheet (paper filings only). This form should be filed at the same time the amended document is filed.
  • If an incorrect or outdated version of a form was used, prepare, sign and file the correct version of the form. If the correct version of a form was used, but the information inserted on the form is not accurate, prepare, sign and file the form with the revised information.
  • Pay a fee.  A fee is required to amend schedules/list of creditors if a creditor is added or deleted or to change the amount or classification of a debt. Please refer to the Filing Fee page for a list of current fees.
  • See also:  Local Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure – Rule 1009