Courtesy Notification of Electronically Filed Documents available to Full ECF Participants

Release Date: 
Mon, 07/18/2016

Effective immediately, attorneys with a CM/ECF account in this district may sign up to receive courtesy notification of the electronic filing of documents.  By docketing a request for Courtesy Notification of Electronic Filing (NEF) to a case, the ECF filer will receive an NEF of all docket activity in that case without  appearing in the case or filing a pleading. Note that the Courtesy NEF event is not available to parties with limited use CM/ECF accounts.

A Request for Courtesy Notice is made by docketing the form “Request for Courtesy Notification of Electronic Filing” using the event “Bankruptcy>Other>Request for Courtesy Notice of Electronic Filing (NEF).”   A Request for Courtesy Notification can only be filed electronically through ECF. If at any time the recipient should wish to stop receiving courtesy notifications in a particular case, the same form is used, checking the box indicating that the filer is requesting removal from courtesy notification.  Use the docket eventBankruptcy> Other>Request for Removal from Courtesy Notice of Electronic Filing (NEF).”  Step by step docketing instructions are attached.

Note that the courtesy NEF does not create any rights to receive notice under Fed. R. Bankr. P. 2002 or otherwise, and does not impose any obligation on the Court, the debtor or other parties in the case to deliver courtesy copies of any documents entered on the docket.

Docketing instructions Courtesy Notice

WAWB Courtesy Notice Form