Form of Pleadings and ECF instructions for Matters Scheduled Prior to ‪June 1, 2020‬

Release Date: 
Thu, 03/26/2020

Given the transition to telephonic hearings in most matters, there are questions as to how hearings should be noticed.
If a matter was originally set for a physical hearing location, and will now be conducted telephonically per Court order, there is no need to issue a new notice.
For non- evidentiary matters scheduled prior to ‪June 1, 2020‬ that have not yet been noticed:
* Hearings should be set in ECF using the correct physical location for the assigned judge.
* The hearing information listed in the upper right-hand corner of the pleading, per LBR 9013-1(d)(1)(B), should state “telephonic” as the location
* A Notice of Motion, per LBR 9013-1(c), should state the place of hearing as “telephonic” and include the dial in information for the specific judge.
For trials and evidentiary hearings scheduled prior to ‪June 1, 2020‬: contact the assigned judge’s chambers