Judge Barreca's March 19 and April 1 and 2 Calendars To be Telephonic

Release Date: 
Mon, 03/16/2020

Judge Barreca's calendars for March 19 (Seattle), April 1 (Everett) and April 2 (Seattle) will be telephonic only. Instructions and guidelines for telephonic appearances are as follows:

(1) Dial: 1-888-363-4749
(2) Enter Access Code: 9365479#
(3) Press the # sign
(4) Enter Security Code when prompted: 8574#
(5) Speak your name when prompted

(1) Use a land line phone and not a cell phone, if possible. Do not use a speaker phone.
(2) Make the call from a quiet area where background noise is minimal.
(3) Wait until the judge calls your case before speaking.
(4) Do not put the phone on hold at any time after the call is connected.