Announcing a text only option for filing a declaration of no objection

Release Date: 
Fri, 11/22/2013

Electronic filers no longer need to create a separate pdf for a declaration of no objection under LBR 9013-1(f). A new "Declaration of No Objection (text only)" event in ECF is now available. The event will prompt the filer for specifics about service then create and docket a text only declaration. Electronic notice of the declaration goes out to those in the case. You can find the event by typing "declaration" in the search bar in ECF. Below is a sample of how the docketed text event will read. If you prefer to create and upload a pdf declaration, the "Declaration of No Objection (pdf uploaded)" event remains an option.

This new event was suggested by a member of the bar. If you have a suggestion for better procedures, please let us know!