Construction at the Vancouver Federal Building

Release Date: 
Wed, 05/20/2015

The front entrance to the Vancouver Federal Building will be closed during the month of June for an elevator replacement project. Consequently, public access to the facility will be through the first floor east entrance. Security screening will take place at the east entrance and visitors may experience some delay. Please also be aware that the center stairs in the building will be available for use throughout June, however, there will be no alternative access to the second floor until the end of the project when the elevator has been certified for use. (Individuals with disabilities who need further information about building access in order to attend a scheduled hearing should contact the chambers of Judge Lynch or Judge Heston.) In addition, the first floor men's restroom will be unavailable for most of the month of June, but the second floor men's restroom will be made available for public use. Fire egress from the building (if necessary) will be via the first and second floor east and west entrances.