NW Territorial Mint LLC, Chapter 11, Case No. 16-11767-CMA

Release Date: 
Tue, 04/05/2016

NW Territorial Mint LLC filed a chapter 11 case on April 1, 2016, in the Western District of Washington. and was assigned case number 16-11767.  The following information is provided to assist claimants and others interested in the case.

1.  Proof of Claim. Proofs of Claim may be filed electronically through the court's website.  Click here for more information.

2.  Case Docket. The Western District of Washington Bankruptcy Court maintains case dockets in electronic form only.  To access the case docket for NW Territorial Mint, you may consider signing up for a PACER account.  Alternatively, the docket can be viewed during business hours in the clerk's office at the Seattle or Tacoma courthouse.

3.  Questions about the status of the case. Clerk's office staff are unable to provide legal advice. Claimants and others with an interest in the case are encouraged to seek advice from an attorney with bankruptcy experience in order to determine the bankruptcy's impact on their individual situation.  For general information about the bankuptcy process, the "About Bankruptcy" section of the court's website contains useful information.

4.  Case Management Order.  The court has entered a case management order limiting notice in the case.