Restricted Access to Certain Documents in PACER

Release Date: 
Tue, 08/27/2013

The Judicial Conference Privacy Policy has been amended to restrict public access through PACER to all documents in bankruptcy cases that were filed before December 1, 2003, and have been closed for more than one year. Documents in these closed cases may be unavailable to the general public. These documents are available in PACER to court users, any party that has filed a notice of appearance in an individual case, and the public terminals in the clerk’s office lobby (Seattle and Tacoma). The docket sheet and docket information remain available to the general public via PACER.

When attempting to view a restricted document the following message will display when you do not have access to a document. “This document is restricted from viewing. Please contact the ECF help desk. Seattle 206-370-5280. Tacoma 253-882-3900.”

Copies of restricted documents are available at the clerk’s office and may be printed from the public terminals for .10 cents per page. Please contact the clerk's office at (206) 370-5200 in Seattle, or (253) 882-3900 in Tacoma for information about obtaining copies by mail for .50 cents per page.

Documents previously restricted only to court users retain the same restriction level.