Thomas T. Glover Mediation Program Executive Committee

Release Date: 
Mon, 11/15/2021

The Court's Thomas T. Glover Mediation Program is assisted by an Executive Committee comprised of up to 5 attorneys. Members are appointed for 3 year terms, which may be extended by order of the Chief Judge. By General Order, effective December 1, 2021, attorney and mediation panelist Mike DeLeo will join the Executive Committee. Current Executive Commitee members Tuella Sykes and Jesus Miguel Palomares will extend their terms an additional year to provide continuity and complete ongoing projects. Sykes will also serve as Committee Chair.

The current Committee Chair, Bruce Kriegman, has elected not to extend his term.The Court and the Program wish to recognize Kriegman's contributions to the Program and his leadership, particulrly during the pandemic. Kriegman will continue to serve as a Program panel mediator.