U.S. Trustee Announces New Amended Fee Schedule

Release Date: 
Wed, 01/20/2021


The chapter 11 quarterly fee schedule established by 28 U.S.C. § 1930(a)(6) was changed by the Bankruptcy Administration Improvement Act of 2020 (the Act), Pub. L. No. 116-325, which was enacted on January 12, 2021.  The Act makes the new schedule effective on the first day of the first quarter after its enactment date, which is April 1, 2021.  The following table displays the disbursement ranges and quarterly fees under the new quarterly fee schedule for the calendar quarters beginning April 1, 2021 through December 31, 2025.  

Quarterly Disbursement Range Quarterly Fee
$0 to $62,624   $250  
$62,625 to $999,999 0.4% of quarterly disbursements  
$1,000,000 to $31,249,937 0.8% of quarterly disbursements
$31,249,938 or more $250,000


The new chapter 11 quarterly fee schedule and additional information is available on the United States Trustee Program’s Internet at https://www.justice.gov/ust/chapter-11-quarterly-fees.  All other quarterly fee related procedures remain unchanged.  The fee is due on the last day of the calendar month following the calendar quarter for which the fee is owed.  Interest will be charged on unpaid quarterly fees, pursuant to 31 U.S.C. § 3717.  

If disbursement information and reports are not current when the quarterly fee billing runs, an estimated minimum quarterly fee may appear on billing statements.  Estimated fees will be adjusted after missing disbursement information and reports are provided.  

Chapter 11 quarterly fees may be paid online at https://www.pay.gov/public/form/start/672415208 or by mailing the tear-off portion of the billing statement and a check, made payable to “United States Trustee” to the following address:   United States Trustee Payment Center P.O. Box 6200-19 Portland, OR 97228-6200  

Please address any questions to your local Office of the United States Trustee.